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About Us


Who We Are

Statlab Mobile (SLM) is a mobile blood testing company committed to providing the most convenient, friendliest, and affordable blood testing service in the south Miami area.

What We Do

Statlab Mobile provides quality blood testing for the insured, uninsured, and the under insured. We provide our services in a completely mobile unit. From the collection of the blood to the presentation of the results, everything is done onsite.

Qualifications & Experience

Statlab Mobile is a CLIA certified mobile medical laboratory. The laboratory is managed and maintained under the direct instructions of medical director Dr. Keith Obrien and laboratory manager Jamesnel Louis-Jean (MT).

“Direct access testing” (DAT) is generally defined as consumer (as opposed to physician) initiated testing of human specimens. DAT is also known as “direct-to-consumer” or “patient-authorized” testing. Where DAT is permitted, it is commonly ordered by an individual without a prior consultation with a physician or a physician’s request for testing. Customer can “pick and choose” which test they would like preformed. ******Customer should consult with their physician about result of DAT testing. Only a licenses medical professional should interpret result. licensed medical professional


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