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How long does it take to receive your results?

Results are submitted sameday of testing. During registration,  you will be asked to provide an email and a 4 digit pin. Results will then be submitted to your email. If you do not have an email, results will be mailed to address provided.

How many hours of fasting do i need before testing?

Depend on the type of test,  you may need to fast for 8-12 hours to ensure the best results possible.

Where are you located?

Being a mobile unit, Statlab Mobile can be anywhere. We have provided a location listing of where and when we will be available. 

Why choose Statlab Mobile?

Statlab Mobile services are provided by license healthcare professionals. Every patient will experience the friendly and convenient blood test possible. We eliminate the need to travel to an otherwise crowded laboratory. 

What if i don't have insurance?

Statlab Mobile services are competitively price. We have made every attempt to price our  services to accommodate any one needing a quality blood test

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. Currently we are accepting Medicare and Medicaid insurance. We also accept most major insurance plans with out-of- network benefits.

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