Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Statlab Mobile LLC. Please be advised that by using this Statlab Mobile LLC services, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions Statlab Mobile LLC reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions as needed.

Statlab Mobile does not give any medical advice. At no time does Statlab Mobile testing results in diagnosis, treatment or cure. Statlab Mobile provides affordable, convenient, and quality blood testing results. Statlab Mobile will provide all patients with a detail outlook on an individual’s test results. At that time, it is the full responsibility of the patient to seeking counseling from a medical doctor to interpret blood testing results.

It is your responsibility to fill out all required forms truthfully and accurately.
If you have a blood test requisition form from you doctor please provide all test listed. If you are unable to read script, please fax document so we can interpret test request. Statlab Mobile (ONLY) preform tests that are listed in the test panel and individual test pages. Or tests are selected based on the most frequent test requested. Statlab Mobile should only be used for its intended purpose.

Statlab Mobile takes every precaution to insure an accurate test is completed every time. In the event a test is incorrect due to an error on Statlab Mobile behave, all patient will be notify by phone call of error. If a recollection is needed, Statlab Mobile will make all necessary arrangements to recollect sample which is of greatest convenience of patient.

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